Mammuthus primigenius
(Blumenbach, 1799)

a travelling Ice Age exhabition made by the Reiss-Engelhorn-Stiftung in Mannheim (Germany)

The mother is 220 cm high and the young is around 90 cm high


around 20 weeks

To get a beter idea for the hair coat of this animal I used cave paintings as a example. I feel that the people that made these paintings were seeing these animals in there daly life and have used these images in the caves. This is as true a image as we can get from these animals. Recent reaserch has shown that the hemoglobin compounds in the blood of mammoths are better is releasing of oxygen under lower temperatures than the blood of modern day elephants. This will make the mammoths more vulnerable for overheating than under cooling. If you look at cave paintings it seems that some paintings show inlets on the flanks and armpits of the hair in mammoths. The paintings seem to show a different streak of hait or a emphsis on the hair in this region. This was the basis for the idea that the flanks and the armpits were balder than the body to loose body heat. If the animal stands with the legs from the body it cools and when it wants to stay warm it stands with the legs closer to the body. This will give the animal more controle over his body heat.

Also in this case the scientific guidance is done by Mr. Dick Mol.
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