Marine iguana
(Amblyrhynchus cristatus)

Blijdorp Zoo,
The Netherlands

1,5 meter.


± 3 weeks.

This animal has a great variation from max 100 cm up to 175 cm. This differes from island to island. The model is made out of bronze to survive people touching it. This is the purpose of the model; visually handicapped people can feel how this animal " looks". I had to make sure that the difference and richness of the textures on the model came as close to the real animal as possible.
The measurements are taken of animals of the collection of the Senkenberg museum in Germany. To narrow down the position and the details I used pictures made by Gerard Visser and the books, Sildparken in de wereld by "de lantaren" , over leven in het wild by Mark Carwardine, oog in oog by Frans Lanting and spectaculair Galapagos by Tui de Roy.