Leatherback turtle
(Dermochelys coriacea)

Iguana Reptile-ZOO, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The model is 2.75 meter from head to tail.


± 6 weeks.

I used measurements of a skeleton from the museum of natural history in Paris. External measurements, pictures and skin textures are obtained from the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch museum "NATURALIS" at Leiden . This model is a record size animal, the biggest recorded. It is suspended from the ceiling in a room from the reptile-ZOO "Iguana" together with other models of record reptiles and amphibians.
Het leven der dieren, Grzimek,
Turtles and tortoises, by John Lehrer,
Reuzen van de dierenwereld, by MR J. Klaarenbeek.