Illustrations of spermwhales
(Phsyeter macrocephalus)

Bergen aan Zee.
The Netherlands.



± 4 weeks.

The illustrsations are 1,2 by 1, metre.
Remarks; I mainly used the pictures I made in "Andenes ", Norway and from as many magazines and books as I could find. A perspex plate guards the picture and the text is printed on the back , to make sure that also the tekst is protected and readble. The taxidermist Chris Whalen, who cleaned an mounted the skeleton, gave usefull remarks for the illustration.
Het rijk van de walvis, Heathcote Williams,
Sea guide to the whales of the world, Lyall Wayson,
De willem Barendsz, Dr A. Melchior,
The whale, Nordbok.
Whales of the world, Spencer Wilkie Tinker.